The Story of Miglato

Originated in Tuscany, Miglato, the handmade gelato will enlighten your day with its pure delicacy.

Arno, the beautiful mother of Tuscany, pacing through the river valley, has been nurturing Florence-the crown pearl of Italy, witnessing the glory of Renaissance for hundreds of years. It was under her inspiration that the natural, tasty and healthy heritage of Italy-gelato, was born.

From River Arno to the great Asia, with its unique recipe, fresh ingredients, healthy concept and marvelous baking skills, Miglato will bring you the irresistible seduction with the incomparable Waffle-Lato, WonderCone and Puff Magic.

From this moment, let’s embrace Miglato, enjoy the aftertaste lingering on your lips, discover the encrypted key to your taste buds and fall into the sweetness of gelato.

Miglato’s Flavor

Matcha Fresh


Caffè Latteo

Vanillan’ Honey

Mango Passion

Raspberry Energy

Pink Strawberry

Durian’s Secret

Yogurt Craving

Sweet Melon

Corn & Yam


Rum Bouquet


Mint & Lime

Coconut in Milk

Miglato’s Special


A perfect match of soft waffle and gelato. Enjoy the fresh, rich, sweet and healthy sensation brought to you by fine ingredients.


A crunchy delicacy, a momentary fantasy.
A joyful surprise is waiting for you to unveil while you bite off the tip of the cone.

Puff Magic

Smooth gelato cuddle in crispy puff, ready to conquer your taste buds.
A dazzling selection that has been abused your persistence.